General Motors, UAW reach key agreement on temp workers

General Motors, UAW reach key agreement on temp workers

October 15, 2019 0 By Gloria Hornyak

General Motors and United Auto Workers reached an interim agreement on Tuesday which gives the workers a clear path towards permanent employment. The strike for the cause took 30 days to materialize into a deal. GM will be giving temporary workers making $15-$19 per hour, full-time employment once they complete three years of service.

Temporary workers end up making a lot lesser than their full-time counterparts and have no retirement benefits. They do not get paid leaves and have a shoddy health plan compared to full-time employees.

This change in policy will be enacted retroactively to all workers who have been working with them as temporary employees for the last three years and more. It will affect 4,000 workers across the nation.

The details of the deal are not yet concrete but a principle agreement has been reached. A full agreement is expected to come by tonight or tomorrow.

The CEO of General Motors, Mary Barra, has met with union negotiators for the second time this Tuesday to encourage them to end the strike. Last week, on her first meeting, negotiations had been stalled and tensions ran high.

While the union has discussed a no-confidence motion against Mary Barra to bring her to the negotiating table, this seems now to have been the last resort.

Discussions continue to establish a united front on issues like bringing the manufacturing of the auto lines to the USA from neighboring Mexico.

The two sides are still negotiating around other issues, like bringing up the manufacturing of entire auto lines from Mexico to the US.