Mazda teases electric car’s interior ahead of Tokyo Motor Show debut

Mazda teases electric car’s interior ahead of Tokyo Motor Show debut

June 25, 2021 0 By Matthew Jess

Mazda has been an advocate for driving dynamics as a core competency but it is only now about to set foot into the territory of electric cars.

While it had been confirmed previously that the official announcement will be made at the Tokyo Motor Show for the reveal of the electric car, a teaser of the EV interiors has been released.

The European Twitter of the company made a video available for a look into what the electric car will look like. They showed its central console and signature rotary knob on the infotainment system. The teaser shows barely anything about the car with the Japanese auto giant saying that the design embodies an envelope of openness with eco-friendly and sustainability being key features.

A representative from Mazda has already told us that the vehicle will bear no resemblance to any previous Mazda creations but will be an entirely new model. Rumors had been circulating as to a range extender being made part of the design for North American markets. It does not seem that this electric vehicle is competing with Tesla in any way if the range extender plan is put into action. However, in case no range extender is seen, the rotary engines will be making a return to Mazda, with a different purpose.