Pokemon Go Dev Releases New Tool To Suggest Points Of Interest

Pokemon Go Dev Releases New Tool To Suggest Points Of Interest

October 12, 2019 0 By Janet Moreno

The developer of Pokemon Go, Niantic, is now launching a new took to add new points of interest into games with ease. This is called Wayfarer and allows players to suggest wayspots for Niantic tiles while permitting editing and suggestions.

Niantic has explained that numerous players will be able to review places of interest like museums, galleries and historical spots before they are added to the game. The tool is not available for anyone except Ingress players but will be expanding to Pokemon Go as well by December 2019.

They tweeted:

“We’re happy to introduce Niantic Wayfarer: our new tool that enables eligible users to review interesting places to play our games across the globe. Learn more about what it takes to join, and how you can help enhance your local game experience at http://wayfarer.nianticlabs.com 

Before this, Niantic had introduced a nomination feature for PokeStops and Gyms which the players could choose the placement of. But this feature was only unveiled in some nations. It is only available to those players who have reached level 40 in the game.

Pokemon Go will be conducting an October Community Day on the 12th of October. Trapinch is the Pokemon featured for the month and a small detail has been added to it. Any player who is able to evolve their Trapinch before the event ends will see that their Pokemon has learned the Earth Power – an event exclusive move.

Pokemon Go Players can catch Altered Forme Giratina, the legendary for now. This Pokemon will appear in five star Raid Battles till 17th of October, after which it will be replaced by another mystery Pokemon.