Reckless Newscaster Fired After Climbing on, Damaging Cars at Auto Show on Live TV

Reckless Newscaster Fired After Climbing on, Damaging Cars at Auto Show on Live TV

October 22, 2019 0 By Matthew Jess

A newscaster in California was fired after he mistreated privately owned cars at a regional auto show on live TV. The highlight of the week for the channel had been the International Auto Show Sacramento which was entering its final day. On the scene, Angel Cardenas arrived to report on the show. He then proceeded to climb up on cars and entered prohibited areas around multiple cars at the show. He thoroughly embarrassed himself as he spoke to the camera while climbing onto the fender of a yellow Ford Thunderbird. All the while, he commentated on how nobody could tell him which car he could access and which he could not, as he was going to take a ride on the wild side. He then posed on top of the car.

The car he climbed was one of the several cars which had been loaned to the show by the Sacramento Classic Thunderbird Club. It was not the only car he ill-treated. He also climbed onto a pink Thunderbird car next to the yellow one, while banging the door onto its neighbor. All the while, he exclaimed that he felt like a “kid in a candy store when the owners were out because you can do anything”.

At the very end of the segment, Cardenas ducks under the ropes which restrict access around a 2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid to pose on it, while someone off-camera chided him.

The segment has since been taken down from the website but viewers who saw the debacle unfold on live TV complained. The most displeased of all viewers was the producer of the auto show who called the general manager of the station running the show and asked for Cardenas to be terminated.

We hope Cardenas has learned his lesson from this incident and remembers to behave decently and rationally when he is out in public irrespective of whether there are people around to scold him or now.