Tesla reportedly plans to meet demand by rebooting car dealerships

Tesla reportedly plans to meet demand by rebooting car dealerships

October 13, 2019 0 By Matthew Jess

Tesla reportedly has plans to better the accessibility of its cars by redefining a car dealership. The automotive giant has plans to open a series of Tesla Centers which will be retail locations focused on sales and ease of purchase. This strategic move skirts around laws set up to protect dealerships and allow customers greater access to the company and its products.

The news comes from close sources and says that metro areas will be the first to see Tesla Centers coming up. The company has not yet confirmed official timelines and locations.

The archaic law that ‘protects dealers from the abuses of company owners’ is posing difficulty in the Tesla markets. The law limits the areas where cars can be sold and allow excessive marking up of prices. It also allows dealers to charge companies for underselling cars. Tesla aims to change this through its dealership.

They have argued for years that these laws are damaging to the sales of Tesla cars by increasing logistical difficulties. He said that Amazon would become bankrupt if they were to wait for customers to be ready for delivery before shipping products, meaning that scheduling difficulties make it difficult to purchase a Tesla.

These Tesla Centers as a source for energy will help the carmaker evade restrictions and permit sales, services, and delivery every day of the week.