Tim Cook Explains Why Apple Sold Out Hong Kong Protestors, Doubles Down

Tim Cook Explains Why Apple Sold Out Hong Kong Protestors, Doubles Down

October 11, 2019 0 By Gloria Hornyak

Tim Cook, Apple’s current CEO has explained the reason behind the controversial removal of the application being used by the Hong Kong protesters

The application called HKmap.live was being used by pro-democracy protestors to crowdsource information. It was removed from the Apple store a few days ago, then placed back, and finally removed once again on Wednesday as China accused Apple of being in cahoots with the protesters engaging in violence.

The reason for this move by the tech giant has been posted on an internal Apple network, stating that technology can be used for good or bad. Credible information has apparently been apprehended by Apple that Hong Kong Cybersecurity and Tech Crime Bureau that the application was used to maliciously target officers for violence and victimization of people and property where police was not present.

The application was violating Hong Kong laws and had to be barred. Apple confirmed the contents of the statement. The decision was taken for the protection of its users.

In response the founder of Pinboard, Maciej Ceglowski, who has been in Hong Kong has said that Apple’s stance on the subject seems suspect as no individual’s information or location was being supplied on the application. It only shows the general concentration of police with a lot of lag. There have been no incidents of individual or targeted violence so far.

US Senator Josh Hawley has also said that the initial decision to remove the app from the store was a mistake, but it seems that the Chinese censors have worn the debate, therefore prompting the question of who actually runs Apple.