Trump humiliated by female astronauts who fact check his space blunder during a live call

Trump humiliated by female astronauts who fact check his space blunder during a live call

October 20, 2019 0 By Stephanie William

Trump has caused yet another embarrassing blunder while on live television, and this time it is at the behest of the ladies of the NASA all women’s spacewalk, all the way from outer space.

President Trump had called the International Space Station in order to congratulate Jessica Meir and Christina Koch for the completion of their all-female spacewalk outside their craft. However, he put his foot in his mouth when he congratulated them on being ‘the first female spacewalk outside the craft’.

The lag in the connection made the short silence about as awkward as it could get before Meir made it clear to the President that this was not the first time women have stepped out of their craft, but the first time an all women’s team has done so. The first female spacewalk happened in 1984, and 14 other females have completed the feat since then in the limited number of space missions sent up.

Trump was seen sitting at the White House with his daughter Ivanka Trump by his side, and Vice President Mike Pence flanking his other side. Nasa officials and a few girl scouts were also witnesses to the incident. Trump stared right into the camera and spoke with a lot of conviction when he congratulated the women on being the ‘first women outside a space station.

He called the ladies amazing for completing a first-ever female spacewalk to replace a part on the exterior of the space station. He ended with a comment about the high ‘altitude’ the ladies will have worked at.

Meir correcting the President is a loud and clear moment in the video where she explains calmly that this is the first time that two women have exited their spacecraft at the same time.

The reason for correcting the President, you ask? Meir and Koch did not want to take away credit from the female spacewalkers who had come before them.